Manufacturer of Textile Sizing Chemicals & Textile Starch

SWISS Formulations is a brain child of Mr. D.A. Shah, who has three decades of experience in textile industry. The organization is bread by on simple philosophy SUCCESS THROUGH GROWTH & GOODWILL.

After hundreds of experiments with different ingredients in different proportion to establish few ultimate formulation to achieve highest strength, elongation, abrasion resistant and easy desizing to offer best efficiency by reducing warp break to the large extent and also to make ease in the following process.

Better desizing leads to best absorbency and in turn gives better colour value in dyeing and printing which reduces colour consumption also.

The product consists of modified starch which is further modified under critical process condition and blended with swiss formulated polymer which makes the “SWISPOL” formula–I.

If you are looking for chemicals for textile weaving, textile sizing chemicals including cotton sizing, yarn sizing, denim sizing or textile starch based sizing products we will be happy to serve you.